Sunstrike Capital (Pty) Ltd ,, branded as Index Solutions is a licensed discretionary financial service provider.

Index Solutions is incorporated under the laws of South Africa and is supervised by the Financial Services Board. This document and any other information supplied in connection with Index Solutions is not “advice” as defined and/or contemplated in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 37 of 2002 (“the FAIS Act”) and investors are encouraged to obtain their own independent advice prior to investing in any product issued by Index Solution. All information herein is deemed correct at the publication date.

Trading in listed securities will incur the normal costs associated with listed securities, including brokerage, settlement costs, Securities Tax (“STT”), other statutory costs and administrative costs. Investing in listed securities involves financial risk and the value of an individual portfolio may go down as well as up and past performance is not generally a guide to future performance. Fact sheets provided are for illustrative purposes only. Investors must take cognisance of the fact that all the information provided are of historic nature.

The TER may differ from individual portfolio to individual portfolio due to each individual portfolio’s individual history. The TER shall be calculated based on a composite calculated from the individual portfolios that have existed for a sufficiently long time.

A full detailed schedule of fees, charges and commissions is available from the manager on request. Index Solutions reserves its right as a discretionary financial services provider to change the asset allocation weightings of the portfolios from time to time in keeping with its fiduciary duty to keep the portfolios aligned with their risk profile, mandate and investment strategy under changing market conditions which may result in certain listed securities (especially with smaller weightings) being dropped from the portfolios at time and certain new listed securities to be included in the portfolios from time to time.