In recent years, rapid developments in technology – combined with changes to the socio-economic environment – have pushed investment management to the forefront of social and economic change. The need for increased and sustainable long-term investment returns at lower costs is an important part of this change, and has hastened the need for a new breed of asset manager to meet these increasingly-stringent requirements


We create index-based investment products and systems and/or technology solutions for institutional-, semi-institutional- and retail clients. Our products and solutions are enhanced by shedding all the unnecessary, invisible and unfair fees that investors are often charged.

Index Solutions was established in late 2011 in response to South Africa’s need for low-cost investment products and solutions.


pic_solms_justin Justin Solms – CEO, Portfolio Manager

Justin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering (Bsc.Eng) and a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering (M.Eng) from Stellenbosch University. Justin started his career life in the aerospace industry before moving to the asset management industry. Justin is a leader in the quantitative index investment industry and also an academic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Justin is the founding member of Index Solutions.


Mark Baisley – Director

Mark has a Bachelor of Accounting and was appointed to the Index Solutions board in 2017. Marks current role is of Managing Director of Automated Outsourcing Services Propriety Limited (AOS) who is also the major shareholder of Index Solutions. Mark joined AOS in 1999  holding various positions such as Operations and Finance Director prior to becoming its Managing Director in 2011. Mark also serves on the board AOS’s Nominee Company and its Mauritian subsidiary Nabla and is a Key Individual of AOS.

Lance Solms – Director

Lance is a seasoned professional in the South African financial services industry, with over 20 years of experience where he honed his skills in investment management and financial planning. He is a member of the prestigious Institute of Directors, which recognizes his expertise in corporate governance and leadership. In addition, he holds the institute’s advanced certificate for directors, which is a testament to his knowledge and expertise in the field. With a background in marketing and advertising, Lance brings a unique perspective to his work in the financial industry.

Lance Morel – Director

Lance has worked in the South African financial services technology industry worked for over 20 years. He also worked at NatWest Bank (UK), British Petroleum (UK), BDO (UK), IBM (UK and SA) in various consulting and management positions.