For large institutional funds and portfolios, we determine your fees in collaboration with you and commit ourselves to what we offer by capping asset management fees because we don’t believe in a free ride when your fund grows.

Our mission is to empower all South Africans with the best chance of investment success at the lowest possible cost.


Model portfolio and ETN fees as of 31 January 2022.
The fees shown below are for our model portfolios & ETN where retail investors may invest amounts up to R10,000,000.

Fees for portfolios/funds over R10,000,000 will be negotiated with the retail- & institutional investors; whereafter the fees on the model portfolios will be capped and reviewed on an annual basis.

Discretionary Savings Portfolio Offerings Retail Investment Management Fee TIC*
Conservative 0.30% 0.44%
Cautious 0.30% 0.49%
Moderate 0.30% 0.53%
Growth 0.30% 0.49%
International 0.30% 0.44%
Regulation 28 Portfolio Offerings Investment Management Fee TIC*
Conservative Reg 28 0.30% 0.41%
Cautious Reg 28 0.30% 0.44%
Moderate Reg 28 0.30% 0.49%
Growth Reg 28 0.30% 0.49%
Exchange-Traded Note (ETN) offerings Investment Management Fee TIC*
Global Explorer (USD) 0.49% 0.99%

*Total Investment Charges  (TIC) are the sum of TER and Transaction Costs. This includes the investment management fee, brokerage fees, settlement costs, statutory costs and VAT.


Fees destroy returns!!!… Our fees are a fraction of 1%. The example below demonstrates how fees affect returns.


  • you invested R100,000 20 years ago and received a return of 15% pa before fees.
  • an average of  6% per annum for inflation.