Step 1:

Choose a product from our suite of portfolio models and structured notes. More info is available here.

Step 2:

Complete the new client take-on form from the Itransact website.

Note: If you are investing as an individual retail investor; the section on ‘Fees and Charges (excluding VAT)’ (pg 8) can be left blank.

Step 3:

Send your completed form – together with the necessary supporting documentation – to [email protected].

Step 4:

The Itransact platform will acknowledge receipt of your documentation and notify you once all administrative onboarding processes (FICA etc.) are completed. Information relating to your investor account will be sent to you within 3 working days.


Using a Financial Advisor:

If you are investing via a financial advisor, please follow the below link for information pertaining to investing using a financial advisor. Find out if your independent financial advisor is listed as an advisor on the Itransact registry. If not, they can easily be onboarded.

With the help of your nominated financial advisor, please complete the below form and send it to [email protected].

Invest Using A financial Advisor

To find an independent financial advisor in your area who is listed on the Itransact registry, they can be found on the below link:

Find An Advisor

Tools for Investors:

Fee calculator