Sunstrike Capital (t.a. ‘Index Solutions’) is looking for a dynamic and upstart individual with a keen instinct for marketing and product positioning in the institutional investments space, coupled with a strong technical foundation in Wealth Management.

They will be tasked with driving business development in the institutional investment space, by making use of cutting-edge technology to interface with asset consultancies, DFMs, pension funds, multi-managers, public enterprise and other industry stakeholders. 

A critical function will be engagement with the investment platforms on which our products are sold, along with key client relationship management (CRM) functions

With a toolset and arsenal drawn from the larger corporate group – specialising in investment administration, fintech, and ICT business solutions and an investment platform backing them – they will be well-equipped to tackle any institutional- or retail- investment solution.

They will also coordinate our marketing presence within the greater market space, and provide metrics and feedback on business development activities at both operational- and board- level.

This is an opportunity to remove yourself from the traditional corporate ladder career trajectory, with a chance to define and evolve your own role within an exciting fintech ANI-based boutique asset manager.


Profile of Candidate:

  • We will be working within EE requirements, and thus will have a preference for female EE candidates.
  • Aged between 25 and 35.
  • Well-presented, but someone who isn’t a corporate ‘stiff’… We have tech startup and fintech elements in our business, and our culture is quite different from a traditional wealth management firm. This person needs to be equally comfortable in a corporate (formal) scenario and more casual circumstances.


Any of the below:

  • BCom majoring in Finance, Investment, Business Management, Marketing or Economics (with a numerical course – e.g. Maths, Stats, Applied Maths – as an ancillary subject).
  • BSc with Financial Orientation/BBusSci/BEconSci.

Honours preferred but not compulsory.

FSCA RE1 & RE5 (Preferred) –  If the Candidate has not written the necessary examination, they will be required to pass them within their first 6 months of employment. This will be critical to acting as a representative of the company per FSCA requirements.

Relevant Experience:

  • Investment operations 1-3 years combined with 1 of the following:
    • Consulting in a Private Banking space (high net-worth clients) 1-3 years
    • Client-facing/CRM experience (minimum 1 year)
    • Consulting experience at a management consultancy or investment bank (minimum 1 year)


  • Computer Literate – macOS & Linux (preferred, but not compulsory. training will be provided).
  • Google Business Applications (preferred – training to be provided if needed)
  • Strong Communication Ability.
  • Financial numeracy (NPV, Time Value of Money, IRR etc), especially in relation to key investment metrics and concepts.
  • Report Writing.

Conceptual understanding and performance management proxies:


  • ETFs and Indexed securities.
  • The portfolio management function. (high-level understanding)


  • Institutional and retail investment business mechanics
  • Product Positioning


  • Platform Liaison
  • Client/IFA interfacing and relationship management
  • Generalised CRM Functions
  • Marketing and Business Image Management


  • Open to change and adaptable
  • Undaunted by large projects
  • Analytically orientated & numerically competent
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Macro-orientated
  • Flexible (within reason)
  • Able to work off of a skeletal framework
  • Not afraid to engage large organizations in relation to sales or client management
  • Not afraid of forging their own destiny. Able to develop and present action plans.
  • Independent worker


  • Highly Mobile – has their own license and vehicle – and able to liaise and meet with potential and current clients
  • Accessible (easily contactable)
  • Presentation resources and infrastructure geared towards both retail and institutional business development
  • Being comfortable in balancing being able to work remotely and moving between office and external environments. Being able to drive that change and allowing for their adjustment to a less desk-tied structure is good.
  • Flexible workspace. We encourage employees to take advantage of work from home policies, as we believe in the mobility of office spaces being part of the future of working environment normalcy.

Closing date for applications: 31 October 2021

Résumés and CVs: [email protected]